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IMKit-Anthy is a Japanese inputmethod plugin that implements the InputMethodInterface of Qtopia. It worked on Zaurus (SL-5500, SL-5000D, SL-B500, SL-C700).

Install this software to OpenZaurus/Opie is currently not recommended. It will be supported well by next version (0.4.0). Some configuration matter should be solved to support It.

How to install

About IMKit-Anthy

The software consists of two parts.
  1. IMKit - a lightweight framework to construct complex inputmethod such as Japanese kana-kanji converter.
  2. An IMKit application using Anthy which is preexisting kana-kanji converting engine.
Although this software is designed to input Japanese, some parts are useful for other purpose.






Development Status

imkit-0.4.0-pre2 has released as developer preview. This uses Asian input method support of Qtopia 1.6.

imkit-anthy-0.3.5 has released. This release includes a new IM plugin, imkit-uim.

I think that you should be known that a exciting project has begun. Yusuke TABATA, a core developer of Anthy, has written an IM framework based on Scheme named UIM.

UIM enables that an IM server module (written in Scheme) can be used with gtk-immodule, emacs, vi, and so on. I will adapt IMKit to his framework, so Zaurus gets several new IMs. If you interested to write an IM code for any natural language (not only Japanese), join the project.


yamaken at bp.iij4u.or.jp

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